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Condominium & Home Owners Association Certificate of Insurance Request

Option 1

Do It Yourself!

User ID: condo
Password: certs

Get it today

(See below)

Option 2

We do it for you!

Takes 1-3 Business Days
Click Here for registration

Option 1: Do It Yourself (DIY) & receive today
Follow the guide outline below in 6 easy steps

(opens in a new window)CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK

User ID: condo

Password: certs

Step 1: Click Issue Certificate of Insurance

Step 2: Fill in Association Namebox and search Homeowners

Association name or Condo Association name (note, this is not the management name)

Step 3: Select the appropriate certificate

Step 4: Holder Information – fill in mortgage company name and address.

Step 5: Holder Specific Portion – list the unit owner or borrowers information and the loan number if needed.

Step 6: In Recipient #1 – list the email where you would like to receive a copy of the certificate

Option 2
If you would like us to issue your certificate:

Please fill in the form with the information as it appears on your deed/mortgage application, and click the Submit Request button to send us your request. Call our office at 703.471.0050 if you have any questions or if your condo association is not in the list of Association Names. The normal turn around time on these requests is 1-3 business days. Most are done within 24 hours.

Additional Info or Comments field at the bottom of the form.

If you are requesting a certificate for a Homeowners Association there is no need to fill in the fields for the lender. Please note below that the fields "First Name" & "Last Name" refer to the name of the property owner or client, not the name of a loan processor who may be requesting the certificate.
Thank you,

    Type of Association:Required
    Transaction Type: Optional
    Purchaser/Owner Information:
    Do you currently have a unit owners policy? Optional
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